Show your support for NT’s life-saving alcohol measures

The number of alcohol-related deaths in the NT are three times the national average and hospital admissions are double.

Thankfully, the Northern Territory Government has taken decisive action by adopting
a number of intervention measures which will create a safer and healthier community for Territorians.

The Government’s action is necessary and FARE supports it.

Show your support by signing this letter to Chief Minister, the Hon. Michael Gunner and the Minister for Health, the Hon. Natasha Fyles.

Dear Chief Minister and Minister for Health,


I applaud the Northern Territory Government for its efforts toward reducing the unacceptable, harmful impacts of alcohol on Territorians. 

By adopting a comprehensive package of alcohol reforms, the Northern Territory Labor Government is prioritising the long-term health and well-being of its people.

This significant step includes setting a minimum unit price on alcohol which has very little impact on cost for moderate drinkers and a necessary impact on cost for heavy drinkers.

The package of measures includes setting a minimum unit price on alcohol. This is a highly targeted intervention that will decrease consumption by the heaviest drinkers and in turn, reduce assaults, alcohol–related hospitalisations and deaths. We also know for a fact that it will have little effect on moderate drinkers, either on their consumption levels or their expenditure.



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